Download 1983 Sirius Software Catalog

In the early 80s, Sirius Software became quite famous for its selection of video games for the Apple II, Commodore 64, Atari, and others with hits like the game, Gorgon. Unfortunately, they quickly folded in 84 leaving behind an early legacy in the gaming world, and this cool catalog which was more like a comic book! Continue reading Download 1983 Sirius Software Catalog

Six Million Dollar Man or Cyborg?

I wonder what it would have been like if they kept the original book title and working TV movie name: Cyborg. Chances are the show would still have been popular, and probably make “Cyborg” a much more common word back then. The word was first used in 1960 by a scientist, 12 years before the novel was published. The word does seem more adult, mysterious, … Continue reading Six Million Dollar Man or Cyborg?

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Download Paper Models for Action Figures!

The first of many paper models for vintage action figures. Based on models I designed back in the late 90s (anyone remember my Paperblox designs from years ago?). You only need some photo paper, xacto knife and glue! In the coming weeks I will be releasing modular pieces like wings and other compatible shapes for these and others I will be designing. People have used … Continue reading Download Paper Models for Action Figures!

Download a 1977 Star Wars Magazine!

Warren Publishing put out this magazine when the movie premiered. I’ve read that George Lucas was a big fan of Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine growing up, maybe that led to this special edition? The articles are a fantastic look into the blossoming Star Wars fandom. As a kid I remember reading this over and over… Continue reading Download a 1977 Star Wars Magazine!

Download 80s Magazines

From 1983 we have a Dynamite Magazine by Scholastic as well as the first issue of Enter magazine, published until 1985 by the Children’s Television Workshop. That computer magazine was filled with computer news and entertainment aimed towards school aged kids, even had Basic computer language programs kids could type into their computers to draw or play games! Continue reading Download 80s Magazines