My New Magazine!

I know it’s early but I had to post as soon as I saw the working cover!
Full-color, glossy magazine format, no advertising- nothing but vintage fun.
It’s more of a picture book than a traditional magazine, thousands of collectibles arranged by some great artists and designers!

Not sure on frequency yet, maybe one or two a year or more, depends on reception, more of a passion project.

Currently we are looking for late 80s Star Wars toys, and late 80s fast food premiums; this request is aimed at toy collectors who are also photographers as the photos have to be high-quality so our team can cut them out properly. You may submit others but not sure what we need. There’s no pay offered for the first issue, but you will get credit on that page along with your social media contact. There will be compensation on future issues.

Thanks so much for your support!
Stores are welcome to inquire about carrying our mag!
Will post more info in a couple of months…

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