Download Vintage Tarzan Iron-On Designs from 1976

As a kid I had the King Kong version of Avalon’s Paint ‘n Wear series of iron-ons. These were black and white designs which, once transferred to shirt, would be painted by you using supplied paint and color guide.

I don’t remember how successful I was as a kid on this craft project. But recently, during coloring myself, I was a bit bummed to discover that the wonderful design shown on the box was probably an artist’s original prototype which was later traced (like a bad coloring book) to make this design. I assume the poor art of the transfer, combined with the lack of skills most kids needed to make this work, made for some pretty awful t-shirts.

Besides offering the original designs, I have also colored them using mostly the same palette offered back then. Enjoy this download!

Trazan Iron-Ons from 1976 Paint n Wear

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